Guided Trekking tours in
Kyrgyz Tien Shan
Pamir Mountains

Your day 

  We are not rigidly attached to any schedule but in general your trekking day would look like following:

08:00 Breakfast
09:00 Trek
13:00 We stop for lunch
14:00 Continue your trekking day
15:00-16-00 Arrival to camp and free time
19-00 Dinner

Note: The breakfast is served by 08:00, also around that time porters are ready to pack and therefore we ask you to take your belongings out of tents. Your involvement into tents taking up or putting down is always welcome but not really necessary. Porters usually trek a lot faster and in many cases you will find tents ready to “check in” and water boiling for tea.

Down Days: Nasty weather may cause a delay or changes into our usual schedule. In general we do not have many foul weather days but that is one aspect of your holiday we have absolutely no control over. On average we might experience several down day per week.

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