Guided Trekking tours in
Kyrgyz Tien Shan
Pamir Mountains

Gear list  

  For all Fantastic Asia treks we provide tents, kitchen utensils, and if requested mats.  Your personal equipment should include:

Sleeping bag: Comfort temperature in range of -5 + 15 Centigrade.

All appropriate trekking clothing: cargo or trekking pants, polartec windproof jacket, a few t-shorts and long sleeve shorts, trekking socks, spare underwear.

Hat and Gloves: Evenings and mornings can be fresh.

Sun Hat: Preferably panama to protect your face, ears and neck.

Sunglasses: Sun glasses are UV protection 400, filter category 3.

Sun cream: Factor 30 and above. At such altitude, the sun is fierce.

Hiking boots: The trail can be steep, rocky, dusty, or muddy - sometimes all at once. You will need good, strong and high shoes for comfort trek. If you are buying new shoes for your upcoming trek it is strongly advised to wear them for a few days in your home environment to make sure you feel comfortable in them and can go a long distance without pain.  

Sandals: For walking around camp in the evenings and crossing the rivers.

Waterproof jacket and pants: Gore Tex or similar.

Gaiters: To protect your feet from snow and water and keep your trekking shoes dry. They are not necessary for all treks so check with us prior your departure whether you need them or not for your upcoming trek.

Flashlight/torch, spare batteries for camera and other devices.

Snacks: We will supply plenty of chocolate, dry fruits, nuts, candies, biscuits etc, but you can also bring you favorite snacks as you'll be expending a lot of energy. Stock up on compact, high-energy snacks.

Water canteen:  We supply boiled water at all meals. If you have a personal water canteen, we encourage you to bring it with you for your trip. This is how we can protect our environment with getting less plastic with us.

Walking/trekking poles: Very useful on steep uphill/downhill sections as well as river crossings. Trekking poles help to reload 20% of total weight off the knees.  

First Aid kit: Your guide will always have first aid kit with general medicines as well as bandages and plasters. We may not have any specific medicines and therefore you are strongly advised to see your GP before the trek and stock up on nessesary medicines.

Washing and other utensils: soap, shampoo, towel, sewing or repair kit, victorinox knife, waterproof matches, whistle, favorite book etc.

Daypack: All of our treks are porter assisted unless stated otherwise.  You are allowed to hand the majority of your things over to the porters and carry only what you'll need for the day: waterproof jacket and pants, suncream, snacks, camera. Please note total weight of your belongings on trek should not exceed 7-10 kg per person. There is an ability to leave unnecessary clothing in our office or hotel to pick it up again by the end of the trek.

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