Guided Trekking tours in
Kyrgyz Tien Shan
Pamir Mountains


  Kyrgyzstan has acutely continental climate with cold winters and hot summers. It averages 247 sunny days a year. Situated in a mountainous region Kyrgyzstan has all year round snows in the high lands. The one can expect sub-zero temperatures while in the mountains at any time. Summer time the mornings are generally fine and the afternoons sometimes hazy with occasional rain. Mountain passes over 3500 meters above sea level may have all the year round snow fields on the northern slopes.

  At the lower altitudes by tree line or a little above, the temperature ranges between -4°/-6°C (21-24°F) in January to 16-24°C (61-75°F) in July. In the highlands, the temperatures range from -14°/-20°C (6.8°/-4°F) in January to 8-12°C (46-54°F) in July. There are occasional snowfalls during the summer above 3000 metres and winter. The best period for trekking in Tien Shan and Pamir mountains is thru July to October.

Down Days

  We do not have many foul weather days but that is one aspect of your holiday we have absolutely no control over.

  • On average we might experience 2 down day per week.
  • Down days may bring some change to itinerary or slow down activities.
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